Why Settle for a Body Image that is Less Than What You Want it to Be, when you can Get Rid of that Muffin Top, Bat Wings and Flabby thighs for Good?


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Cedar McCrary

From the desk of: Cedar McCrary
CedarFIT Boot Camp
Albuquerque Personal Trainer


Dear Friends:

    • Is the first thing you bump from your busy day your workout program?


    • Are you tired of trying on clothes and becoming depressed when nothing fits or looks right on you?


    • Are you avoiding social functions because you think you look unattractive and don’t want people to see you at your current weight?


  • Do you dread spending endless hours in smelly gyms in order to get that fabulously sexy body you’ve always dreamed of having?


Don’t let being overweight keep you from enjoying life to the fullest!


My name is Cedar McCrary and I’m the owner of CedarFIT Personal Training and Boot Camp located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unlike many people who open fitness centers, I truly do know how tough it is when my clients tell me they’re struggling with trying to lose excess weight.

I know… because I was there. I was the fat person walking into a room, the “round” mom at the park and I began to worry that one day my kids would be embarrassed of me when they saw their friends with skinny moms!

But it was more than that. Baggy clothes that looked like tents were part of my normal wardrobe because that’s all that fit.

The most depressing thing for a person is to go to the a department store, try on 20 pairs of pants and only be able to find 1 pair that is “passable”. I used to cry in the dressing room and refused to look at the mirror. Sound familiar? And forget wearing sleeveless summer tops or a sundress.

No one wants to just look “okay” when they leave the house. You don’t want to feel self-conscious because you have a muffin top, bat wings, cottage cheese thighs or you have bulges in places that should be firm and smooth.

  • You want to feel confident that you look your very best.
  • You want to look fabulous in your clothes and wear the latest styles.
  • You want to feel healthy and sexy and turn the eye of that special someone in your life.

Why not? You deserve it, right? But that’s NOT how I felt after the birth of my 2nd child. Far from it!

A lot of my clients come to me feeling the same way I did. I wasn’t just looking to lose a few extra pounds so I wouldn’t have a belly pouch. I needed to lose a LOT of weight after giving birth.

I’d blamed my weight gain on bad genetics. Gaining 60 lbs. during pregnancy on top of the few extra pounds I’d had on me beforehand didn’t help.


No Miracle Products…No Quick Fixes…Just Good Nutrition and Exercise


Before I was able to finally lose weight, I’d become so desperate after trying diet programs that left me hungry and gaining weight instead of losing! Diet products are big business. Their sole purpose is not to give you results. It’s to get you to buy THEIR product. End of story!

Who needs that?

Americans spend billions of dollars a year, wasting time and money on miracle products and gimmicks that just don’t work. I know. I tried some of them.

At my wits end, I finally decided to ignore all the so-called expert advice from weight loss infomercials. When I did, it was eye opening to learn I’d been doing everything wrong!

I researched good nutrition and learned exactly what it takes to burn fat and tone my body. Only through exercise designed to burn fat and eating healthy foods was I able to finally lose weight see a difference in my body.

You can imagine my elation. FINALLY something worked. I discovered that much of what I had been doing in the past was actually keeping me fat by causing my metabolism to slow down and my body to lose energy.

Depressing, yes. But I quickly got over that when my body began to change.


After just 4 weeks I could see fat just melting away


I didn’t dread looking in the mirror anymore. I actually wanted to see how far I’d come. Best of all, I wasn’t frustrated. I was happy with the changes I was seeing in my body and in my self-esteem!

I now know what it takes to go from fat and flabby to skinny and healthy! I lost 75 lbs. using a scientifically proven exercise program and good nutrition!

I learned a lot. But one of the most important things I learned is that fitness trainers who’ve always been skinny and fit just can’t relate to someone who is fat because they just don’t know what it feels like to struggle. But I do.

I wanted to help people achieve the same weight loss and fitness results I achieved. So I became an Albuquerque personal trainer and opened up a fitness center called CedarFIT Personal Training and Boot Camp that is dedicated to giving my clients results!

With my help, you can achieve the same results I did! You have my empathy and my TOTAL support when you join CedarFIT Boot Camps. You see, I’m not just the owner. I’m the head trainer. I work in Albuquerque, NM in the trenches right alongside you while you work out and sweat!  Idesign the programs and personally review your nutrition journals every day.


Here’s what you get at the Albuquerque Boot Camp…


  • Forty different weekly group training sessions available to you with no more than 20 people per session
  • Nationally certified fitness trainers who will guide you and keep you motivated
  • Support from the entire fitness team as well as other members in a positive environment
  • Accountability for your individual goals so you stay on track and reach each milestone
  • Low monthly fees that are affordable. For what you’d throw away on fast food and a latte each you could put toward having a fabulously sexy body!
  • An intense exercise program that is scientifically designed to help you burn fat fast and tone your body and is individual to your specific needs
  • A drop of 3-6% of your body fat in your first 12 weeks
  • Decrease in food cravings so you don’t get that 2 o’clock sugar crash
  • Increased metabolism rate so you don’t get tired in the middle of the day anymore
  • Better sleep, decreased stress level and more energy so you can enjoy doing the things you used to do


And so much more!




Look 10, 15, even 20 years younger! You’ll wonder why you waited so long to see how fabulous being skinny feels!

Don’t just take my word for it. I’ve helped hundreds of people finally lose weight and get their body in shape. Here’s what some Albuquerque area residents have to say…


I came through the CedarFIT door sideways, angry that I have to get on a scale and actually say how much I weigh out loud because until now it hasn’t been a reality. This wonderfully warm woman keeps moving forward with my registration as she explains the work-outs and her hands-on expertise. Because this really is what I am looking for, my anger tempers enough to ask questions: what, where, who, when and why. I nearly break down on my “why”: “I am recovering from having a series of surgeries and I need to rebuild my strength and range of motion in my right shoulder, and I am so frustrated with how long this is taking me while I go up and down with my weight.” Cedar smiles and shows me a picture of herself “before” – her after is glowingly standing in front of me. Pretty impressive results. Cedar breaks down what to eat and how often, a choice of work-out sessions, plus a page of extra personal options including massage. We are quickly setting this up step by step with very doable goals.

My very first Albuquerque boot camp is full of a wide assortment of people in age, range of expertise and level of fitness. I am so busy trying to execute the moves I quickly forget “I am a beginner” and feeling like a major spaz. The man next to me smiles as I try to follow along with him, catching on to the routines.

A woman on the other side seems to be at the next level so I can see where I am reaching for. No one seems to have the time for preening or checking out my generously packed sweatpants. At the end of the first 2 weeks I am having an easier time listening to the time- bells which signal the next exercise. I am still huffing yet my puffing is more encouraging than frustrating. Did I mention that I am a perfectionist?

I thought I was in decent shape only to be trying to do “one more, just one more”. Cedar reminds me this is a journey, a process to be enjoyed. And my mind quips: What idiot signed me up for this crazy ride? Oh, right, it was me!

Somehow I keep putting one foot in front of the other, literally. I have never been a runner. First of all I have these really short legs. A shortness in breath and we are jogging outside in December in between falling snowflakes. Yet there is this guy who wears a bright red shirt who shoots out ahead of me across the field. He becomes my red flag, something to run towards when I am wondering how I am going to make it across the grass. You can’t really say that I am running yet Cedar coaches me on posture and more importantly not always listening to my mind’s subtle quips: I can’t do this! I am XX years old and it is XX degrees outside! The session ends and I am still on my feet. Another woman comes up to me and comments how much better I am running. I accept the compliment – another interesting lesson. I am progressing, losing weight and enjoying my work-outs. I have mornings where I am not sure I really want to kick-my-own-butt, and then I get to CedarFIT and see my work-out mates and get inspired to give it my all. I jump into the cardio kickboxing class (oh thank you, Cedar, for having such a great variety of classes to challenge me) and once again have to ask for execution information: How do you throw a punch? I am not a person who gets into fights, and haven’t consciously punched anyone. I want to become more confident in my own power and strength. The patient instructor quickly shows me the proper form. I now use the large mirror that last week was showing me all of my jiggly parts in disgustingly accurate slow motion detail to help me perfect my jabs. I momentarily forget about what is upsetting me about my body and concentrate on the task at hand. At the end of class the sweat is dripping off of me and I do feel more powerful, empowered. I want to be better fit so that I can enjoy my life more. To be inspired to go out and be more interactive with my life. To be a better me.

Georgia Packard
Photographer, Albuquerque, NM

“I am excited about doing all of this and more! Meeting new friends and leaving a bit of me (in weight) behind”
Mary Beth

A year ago, I knew I needed to do something to improve my health and my outlook on life but I wasn’t sure what. I had already begun to change some of my eating habits and lost some weight, but I wasn’t really feeling any better. That’s when I saw an advertisement for CedarFIT. I had tried working out at gyms, I had tried doing it on my own, and none of it seemed to work for me. I thought I could give this Boot Camp idea a month or two and see what happened. I dutifully attended 3x/week for a week, then two, and then…I was hooked! I felt better and the pounds and inches started to fall off. Cedar encouraged me to try hard, to work to my potential, and to use good body mechanics (something especially important to me as a Physical Therapist because hurting my body could not be part of my work-outs). She also requested food journals…every day! Once I started turning in food journals for her to review, I was able to get the feedback I needed to continue the journey to what is now an 80-POUND WEIGHT LOSS!

I am now more fit than I have ever been in my life (including my time as a college athlete), I am planning to run my first ever 5K and I look forward to my work-outs whether it be boot camp, cardio Kickboxing, spin class or runs in the park! I am happier than I have ever been with the shape I am in and I know that the next 20-30 pounds will come off if I continue to put in the effort! Cedar’s support and personal experience have been invaluable to me. She’s been there, that made it all more real for me…I work hard because I know I can achieve more, I know I can do more and I have goals set for myself that I would have never thought of a year ago! for all that you have lead me toward accomplishing…there are more great things to come!!!

Mary Beth Schubauer
Physical Therapist, Albuquerque, NM

“85 Pounds off and still counting!”
Testimonial Picture
Ann Mulhern Waller

I am recovering from a back surgery that was necessary due to multiple accidents through my life. I am doing really and am really thankful that I trained with Cedar at CedarFIT over the last year. I have to rely on my arm and leg muscles a lot to keep my back in place. I am less than 2 weeks post surgery now and I was up and around most of the day today. Not tired, only a little sore but not in my back or neck! Amazing! I am very encouraged and would not have this recovery status without you. Thank you Cedar!

-Ann Mulhern Waller
Owner – Mulhern Advertising, Albuquerque, NM

“I am very encouraged and would not have this recovery status without you!”
Testimonial Picture
Dustin Matthew

For most of my life I have been a competitive swimmer and in very good shape. I had my first daughter 6 years ago and my second daughter 21 months later. Looking back now, I am amazed at myself with how easily I became a junk food junkie of sorts and a snack-type foods, quick fix sort of eater!! My biggest vice has always been Coke (primarily Route 44s from Sonic! Yikes!!). I tried joining gyms and would say I was going to commit and it never lasted more than a month. I tried to go to a pool (a decent one that was nearby was best) but that never stuck. I had definitely become the busy Mom who struggled with the daily challenges of single parenting and desperately tried to keep things quick and easy. My girls were set because I was able to just always get that part done. I, on the other hand, was falling apart, not happy with my once very fit body and not feeling the confidence I once had in myself as a healthy and capable individual.

I met Cedar about a year ago at a mutual friend’s house. We found we had “health” in common as she was a trainer, I had been a swimmer and my home business was teaching others about health and wellness products. I saw Cedar’s first gym when I went to deliver her products. I was impressed and we talked about her program. I had just signed up at a different gym (again) with a year contract and I couldn’t do both. I remember noticing that in Cedar’s gym were different kinds of equipment that I was used to for doing dry-land training. I was bummed to say the least that I had not seen it sooner.

Of course, I eventually bailed on going to the gym I had singed up at. Even more time after that I was still doing the usual routine of daily Route 44 Cokes from Sonic and bouncing up and down in my weight.

I had recently been in touch with Cedar again. It was then that I said, “CEDAR I NEED HELP!!!” I signed up and Cedar helped me get on board with a plan to kick the Cokes. I went from the Route 44s daily to just a large, to no Coke for a week then a large a couple of days to none for 8 days and so on. I had improved and it was a tough thing to do.

The coolest part about my training with Cedar since January 2011, is that I’m feeling strong again. I see the muscles in my arms and I can actually feel them again!! I love the challenge, I love to push myself and I have always worked best with a coach—what Cedar is for me now (just on dry land rather than in the water). I have stuck with my training at CedarFit because I am seeing results. The environment is fun and very supportive. The staff members are so helpful and energetic. I love that there are so many people to work out with who really

just want to be healthy and that there are so many different ages doing the same level of intensity in their workouts. It truly has been inspiring to me and is keeping me going. I am going to be 40 this year and getting back into better shape makes me feel like I am 40 going on 30! It’s been a great help for my mind and body! Thanks Cedar!!

-Dustin Matthew
Albuquerque, NM

“I am going to be 40 this year and getting back into better shape makes me feel like I am 40 going on 30!”


No other weight loss fitness center will give you what I can simply because I know what it’s like to be you! I’ve been there. I’ve walked the same walk as you and I’ve come out the other side losing 75 lbs. and being able to keep it off for years!

You can too!

I’m so sure I can help you burn fat FAST and get your body healthy and strong through my Albuquerque boot camp program that I’m willing to back up my words with an ironclad NO-RISK guarantee!


If you want to continue your life being the fat girl or guy, and hiding from your life, that’s your choice. Or you could…

Forget all the times you tried and failed.

Forget about all the old programs and past frustrations.

Today is a new day and CedarFIT Albuquerque Boot Camp is here to help you reach your fitness goal in the fastest time possible. You’ll gain loads of energy and confidence while having fun and meeting new and friendly people.

CedarFIT Boot Camp gives you all the tools you need to be successful, except one. I can’t do it for you if you don’t take the first step and call.

I’d love to be the one to celebrate with you when you reach your weight loss and fitness goal. Register today!




Cedar McCrary
CedarFIT Personal Training and Boot Camp

8000 Paseo Del Norte, Suite C-1, Albuquerque NM 87122

PS. Remember, when you join CedarFIT Boot Camp, you have access to unlimited boot camp sessions. Attend sessions that fit into your life instead of trying to squeeze into a rigid schedule. You’ll get all the benefits of having personal fitness training session without the high cost associated with it. Join the #1 Albuquerque Boot Camp today!!